Mobile Phone Safety

Tuesday, January 10, 20120 comments

Only use your Mobile Phone in areas where there are other people. Avoid taking secluded short cuts.

 Be prepared, don’t think it can’t happen to me, Have your own personal safety plan. It doesn’t pay to advertise.

 Keep your Mobile Phone out of sight.

Leave an area if you feel unsafe. Trust your instincts.

 Extra vigilance can produce results. You are less likely to become a victim if you are aware of your surroundings.

 Phones have a unique IMEI number, key in *#06# to find yours, record it, and keep it safe.

 Have a PIN number that is unique to you, change it when you first get the phone.

Only unlock the phone when you need to use it.

Never buy a phone unless you know the seller is the owner, can they produce the original packaging or a receipt?a
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