How To Update Your Mobile Phone Software

Tuesday, January 10, 20120 comments

For optimum service from your phone, a software update is recommended from time to time. This can also prevent you from future problems. This exercise comes with the benefits of getting new features as soon as they are available. If occasionally your phone “freezes, hangs up unexpectedly, vibrates continuously or fails to perform”, these are signs of a problem brewing.

If the phone has not had any serious fall or contact with water, you should quickly do an update or have a new version installed to take care of the problem. A bug attack could also create a problem of this nature and this may require flashing.

A software update can be done easily through the internet once you access the phone manufacturers’ website of the particular phone you want to update through your computer. Keeping your software updated also allows you access to enhancements.

Before you commence update, ensure that you have enough memory capacity and that your battery has enough strength for the journey. Of course you have to have the appropriate cable required for connection.

Since updating in some devices means that user or personal data such as contacts, messages, photos etc will overwritten, you should create a backup of everything saved to avoid their loss. How long the process takes will depend upon the speed of your ISP and which phone model is being updated.

Conflicts have been observed between software applications and connections. If this is noticed, it is possible to configure them so that they can be left running during synchronization. Service firmware updates from manufacturers are usually free through their websites but if you update over a mobile network or an ISP, you have to pay for data transfer. Since soft wares cannot be downgraded, devices require software updates too.

If your update refuses to go through, it could be that your phone firmware version is not available yet or may not be available in your country or through your service provider yet or may not have been approved by your service provider. Over time, the service will be available or reach your phone manufacturer through their website. If you cannot handle this exercise, please see a certified technician or your service provider for necessary assistance.
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