Improve Your Computer Processing Speed & Reduce Lag When Playing Games!

Thursday, December 22, 20110 comments

Step 1) Download the following:
Game Booster
TuneUp Utilities 2011

Use this key to make it full version:

-credits to abgel_maui for these working keys

Step 2)Open your Task Manager
Disable processes other than your AntiVirus, also be careful not to disable important Windows Processes.

Step 3) Add & Remove Programs
Go To: Start>ControlPanel>Add+Remove Programs
Uninstall any program you don't need/use, or will use later on in the future.

Step 4) Startup Manager
Start>Run (or Windows Key + R)
Type in:

Click on Startup, then only check the items that you need
Like AntiViruses, anything else (I'm not liable for computer problems, I'm just here to help)

Step 5) Increasing Computer Speed
Start>Right Click "My Computer">Properties>Advance>Performance:Settings
Fill in Adjust for best performance but don't click Ok, or Apply yet.

Scroll down to the last 3 boxes and check them, then hit apply and go to the Advance Tab.
Under Virtual Memory, it should say Total paging file size for all drives: and memorize the number.
Below it, click on Change now if the first box you see in the window is checked, uncheck it.
Select Custom Size and get a calculator (or Start>run>calc)
The number you memorized should be mutiplied by 1.5
If it ends up to be 6411.5 make it 6411, not 6412 (round the number DOWN)
After you multiplied it by 1.5, type in the result in both Initial Size AND Maximum Size. Click Set, and then Ok.

Step 6) Defragmentation
Start>My Computer>Right Click Local Disk ( C: )>Properties>Tools
Click Defragment Now... then Analyze
Wait for the Analysis to finish, once it does, and you need to Defrag your drive, do so.

Step 7) CCleaner
Open CCleaner, and under Windows > Click Analyze, then Run CCleaner.

Click Run Cleaner
Click on Registry and click Scan For Issues, then Fix selected Issues...
Backup or not, I usually choose not to.

Step 8) TuneUp Utilities
Open TuneUp 1-click maintenance and it's pretty self-explanitory, so just click on Fix Problems under the tabs.

Step 9) Open GameBooster
Click Switch To Gaming Mode.

Step 10) Improved Processing Speed (Tested on Windows XP only)
Click Start > Run > Type: msconfig > Click Ok, Click SYSTEM.INI > Click [386enh] > Click new > type: RUNConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 > Click apply > Click Ok > Restart your computer
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